Miniatures Horses Farm

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Miniatures Horses Farm

Imprint Miniatures is located about 30 minutes south of Calgary Alberta Canada, on 100 acres in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains close to a little town called Okotoks. We started in Miniatures in 1993 after seeing them being shown at the Calgary Stampede and noticing that they were like big horses down sized, and this was appealing coming from a Thoroughbred and Standardbred background. We try and keep our herd size between 35 and 45 head, but as everyone that is in Miniatures knows that sometimes is difficult with the attachment factor with these loveable little guys. This website is for the enjoyment of the visitors and to update information of what’s happening at Imprint Miniatures, so please feel free to browse around and if you have any questions contact us by e-mail, phone. Thank you for visiting.

 – Randy McGowan & Marlene

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